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We can handle all lock types

You can call us out to repair all types of locks including mortise locks, cylinder locks, deadlocks, and sash locks, we’ve got you covered.


Your broken locks will be a thing of the past when we are on the scene.  

With services like lock installation and repair, you can start feeling safe in your home again


Get your locks repaired and feel safe again

Your lock may have been working from the day that it was installed but over time it can get loose or become affected by normal wear and tear. If your lock is sticking every time you close the door or gives you a hard time when you try to open it then call us to have it repaired.  


Bear Valley Lock & Key can install them for you at affordable prices


Lock repair services

You'll feel less stressed when you know your home and business are properly protected


 •  Broken lock repair

 •  Stuck open

 •  Stuck shut

 •  Repair and replacement of lock

 •  Vehicle

 •  Home